A Few Really Cool Content Creators

December 16, 2009

As part of my daily routine at Boston venture capital firm OpenView Venture Partners, I recently synched up with content creator Jonathan Kranz of Kranz Communications. Jonathan is currently creating a case study for OpenView that will highlight one of several business development services that we offer to the management teams of our expansion stage portfolio companies. His experience is extensive and he believes in creating a competitive advantage by taking the time to create a strong content marketing strategy.

The Lost Jacket is a Boston-based social agency that focuses on “social media, public 
relations, marketing and brand management for businesses. This boutique agency was founded by Stuart Foster and is comprised of one additional employee, Carla Blumenthal. Stuart and Carla provide consulting, reporting, training, and full site assessment services directed towards start ups, emerging companies, and large brands.

The 42ND Estate identifies itself as “a community of bloggers, developers, consultants, and strategists…[that] create compelling content, install intuitive interfaces and grow sustainable communities.” I stumbled upon their site while reading a blog post about the recent site redesign project The 42ND Estate produced for The Lost Jacket. In my opinion, the site looks great. Crisp and easy to navigate, the site is fun to click through and has several compelling calls-to-action. I specifically enjoyed the sliding banner present on the homepage. Nice work!

eCommerce Manager, Saucony

Kellie is the eCommerce Manager, Saucony at <a href="http://www.wolverineworldwide.com/">Wolverine Worldwide</a>. Previously, she was an Analyst at OpenView.