Adapting Your Company’s Approach to an Uncertain World

Organizational thinking in today’s world is highly flawed, according to subject experts Brandon Schauer and David Verba. As part of a Google Tech Talk, the duo discusses the many issues that today’s companies face in the world. There is unpredictability and many of them overlook this. New ways of thinking and working are necessary to stay abreast of any industry. In order to accomplish this, adaptations in the way of innovation and agility are needed.

Companies that have already done this have seen great commercial success in their products and services. They are ready for an unpredictable future. And these organizations hold the experience a product creates with great regard, too.

Organizations that treat their customers as gullets, according to the video, subscribe to an outdated way of thinking. Overly rational-thinking organizations, too, fit this bill. But in the end, you can’t ask customers what they want. You just need to deliver.

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