Analyzing the Logistics Behind Large-Scale Scrum Sprints

February 18, 2011

One of the most pressing challenges facing an agile house using Scrum is the sprint.

A sprint is essentially the working arm of the company. It is where all the production gets concentrated into. Every other phase involves planning, mostly. But when a company is poised to sprint, it works feverishly. The agile development process is one that hinges on flexibility in all of its facets. When a snag comes up, because of the agile development methods, it’s resolved.

But what happens when management teams are too clustered for the sprint? What happens when there are too many members on a team? All of these are issues that arise during a large-scale sprint. And to be certain, large-scale sprints necessitate special consideration from the Scrum Master.

Dealing with a sprint on a massive level requires a special understanding of agile product development. Those that posses this can facilitate such an undertaking. Those that don’t typically crash and burn. For more information on massive-scale Scrum sprints, watch the full video from Joseph Flahiff.