Another Sign the Software Economy is Improving in 2010?

March 26, 2010

Oracle’s announced results, as well as Adobe’s, seem to indicate that a recovery is under way (good summary from Business Week here). We are seeing a lot of additional signs as we talk to expansion stage companies. The number of expansion stage companies with solid growth is going up and the growth rate across the board seems to be going up as well. My sense is that the recovery is still in first or second gear, but that is better than reverse, neutral, or even grinding gears.

Growth seem to be back, growth companies seem to be back, and growth venture capital seems to be quite hot at the moment. Perhaps it is time to dust off the aggressive business growth strategies that you tabled at the beginning of the year, gear up the recruiting support, expand the lead generation services, and generally increase your growth resources? (note: I am not saying that you aggressively spend at this point, but moving more in that direction seems to be making more sense every day given the data coming out of the economy).

Hopefully, the software economy will continue to accelerate!

Founder & Partner

As the founder of OpenView, Scott focuses on distinctive business models and products that uniquely address a meaningful market pain point. This includes a broad interest in application and infrastructure companies, and businesses that are addressing the next generation of technology, including SaaS, cloud computing, mobile platforms, storage, networking, IT tools, and development tools.