Are You Driving Extraordinary Execution?

March 24, 2010

OpenView Venture Partners recently released a new case study about our Capability Maturity Model for Finance Workshop!

As an expansion stage venture capital fund that actively provides value-add financial consulting services and strategic consulting services to our portfolio companies, there is really nothing more rewarding than receiving validation from our portfolio companies. No matter how great a concept or framework might appear to be in theory, it is really exciting to us when our portfolio companies adopt that concept or framework…and even more exciting when they receive valuable benefit from it.

Our Capability Maturity Model for Finance guides CFOs ad other leaders responsible for Finance through a rigorous and practical workshop that helps them assess their current capabilities, identify gaps, establish priorities for improvement, and align financial initiatives with their companies’ strategic interests. We’ve integrated much of the best thinking regarding financial performance into an actionable process appropriate, in scale and content, to the expansion stage enterprise.

Companies that participate in this program receive an in-depth two-day workshop, a 12-18 month development outline, and individualized check-ins and assessments.  The workshop really helps companies narrow in on the infrastructure and skills that must be in place to move into the expansion stage and beyond.

For more information, I really encourage you to check out our case study, or contact us directly to learn more about how we can accelerate your success!