Being a Dealmaker Means Believing Anything is Possible

December 31, 2011

In his book, The 4-Hour Work Week, I love the importance Tim Ferris places on being a “dealmaker” and his dealmaker manifesto: reality is negotiable. Unless you possess a hugely valuable technical ability, I believe that being a dealmaker and having the mentality that anything is possible (and the resolve to work your butt off to turn that “anything” into reality) is the single most important trait in business people who find success at an early age. I also think that organizations that empower employees to act as “principals” are generally more successful and have a happier and more productive work-force.

I wish more college students and recent college grads understood the power of this concept and the fact that you have to go out into the world and mix things up. I realize that younger people are less confident and think that they may not have a ton to offer, but the truth is that almost everyone is a subject matter expert in something. Have you ever come across any type of consumer product (a candy bar, a pair of jeans, an energy drink) and thought to yourself “wow this is incredible, why can’t I find this in my hometown”? The dealmaker in you should lob a thoughtful call or email into the company and offer to help distribute their product in your region. So what if you have no idea how to distribute a consumer food/beverage product? You can figure it out. Have you ever used a service/product that you thought you could improve? Get in touch with the provider of that service and recommend ways to improve it or start putting together your own business that provides a better, cheaper service!

Often, nothing will come of these activities, but I guarantee if you get yourself in the habit of thinking that you have something to offer and are in a position to do something about it, opportunities will begin to unfold.

Martellus Education

Nick is the Founder and CEO at <a href="">Martellus Education</a>. Previously, he sourced, analyzed and executed investments along with the other members of the OpenView investment team.