Do These Companies Have the Best Career Pages Online?

If you want to attract top candidates to opportunities at your company, you’ve got to have an engaging career page. Whether these candidates are coming to your site organically or they are being recruited and then check out the site for research, your career page should be able to do three key things:

  1. Attract

  2. Engage

  3. Provide insight

In other words, the careers section of your company website should be multifaceted. If the only thing you’re doing is simply listing out the open positions and providing contact information you’re missing out on a big opportunity to market your company, leave a lasting impression, and truly set yourself apart. The best career pages give candidates and job seekers the ability to look into your company and see what it’s all about — your culture, benefits, people, perks, environment, customers, and more. To create a solid and engaging career page on your company website, here is a list of things you should include:

  • Your story
  • Why you? What sets you apart.
  • Who are your customers? What are your customer stories?
  • What is your employee value proposition?
  • People — who are you? Showcase each team.
  • Work environment — what is it actually like to work at your company?
  • Perks and benefits — can be everything from your healthcare and vacation plans to free snacks, a stocked fridge, and gym benefits.
  • What are your open positions? Include links to the job descriptions.
  • Who should candidates contact with their interest? This should be clear and easy to find.
  • Referral program – tell your audience about it.

For each of the above, provide visitors information in an engaging format with a mix of words, videos, and pictures.

4 Examples that Might Be the Best Career Pages Online

For inspiration, check out my list of four top career sites below. Each company uses their career sites to showcase their personality/culture through videos, pictures, and creative messaging, while at the same time getting straight to the point of what they do and how you can be a part of it, too.

1) Hubspot

Stand out: Videos by each team. Check out the video below on the Development Team that integrates a number of the bullets above: Within any company, teams are often their own pods and may work differently. I love that Hubspot showcases each team with video content for the audience to get a better understanding of that specific team.

2) Monetate

(disclosure: Monetate is an OpenView portfolio company) Stand out: Why Work at Monetate?  It’s interactive — users can hover over each hotspot to see another reason why. Why Work at Monetate? Referral program.  Though one person may not be interested, if you are showcasing your referral program, they may think of someone to refer you! Refer

3) Meetup

Stand out: Interactive perks listings Meetup's career page

4) Foursquare

Less integrated than the others, but still a winner in my book. Stand out: It’s simple and straight to the point in a quirky and visually appealing way. Foursquare Career page

Key Takeaways

Not all company career pages are created equal. To have a successful career page that attracts the top talent you should showcase your employee value proposition as well as the overall customer value proposition. Embody your company’s personality and culture, but don’t be over the top. The goal of a good careers site is to allow the candidates a glimpse into what it would be like to work for your company as well as to promote current and future opportunities.

Which career pages do you like best? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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