The Biggest HR Mistake Founders Make

Are you getting the absolute best value out of your HR team? Monetate‘s VP of People Ben Russell explains why founders need to treat the role of HR as a proactive (not reactive) function in your organization.

What is the role of HR in your organization? If you’re treating your people team as a purely administrative function, then you’re actually hindering yourself from optimal growth.
Ben Russell, VP of People at Monetate (an OpenView portfolio company) says the role of HR should really be considered a proactive coach for the organization — the champion of your company’s core values. In the video below, he explains how not giving your HR team a hands-on role is a big mistake founders sometimes make that can stand in the way of growth and success.

The Most Optimal Role of HR

Key Takeaways

Your HR Team Should Be a “Parent” For Your Organization

Having defined core values is key to a growing organization. And your HR team is an invaluable resource when it comes to instilling those values and keeping them observed. “[The HR leader] should be a person who evangelizes values,” Russell explains, “but also can hold down the line on performance and behavior.”

HR’s Most Important Function

When it comes time for founders to hire and build out their company’s HR function, Russell recommends they keep in mind HR is so much more than a administrative, legal role. It can also be a valuable asset to your company’s strategy, not to mention the primary acquirer of your company’s most valuable resource — people. Hiring the best talent in the marketplace is the most important function of HR, Russell reminds founders. You need to make sure they are as well positioned as possible to follow through on that responsibility accordingly.


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