Client Service Performances in the Business’ Today

September 23, 2009

Nowadays, it’s refreshing to have a positive customer service experience as a consumer in today’s market. I have had my share of difficult experiences with customer service representatives, most frequently with larger organizations, and seem to have much better luck working with the smaller companies that I enlist the service of.

It’s no revelation that many of the organizations in business today have trouble maintaining quality customer support on a continuous basis. And I fully realize that all individuals cannot be 100% satisfied with every customer service experience they have all of the time, however, I feel that many of the enterprise-level organizations in business today would be well-advised to evaluate the effectiveness of their customer service departments. Positive customer service experiences, after all, are paramount in maintaining lasting relationships with all consumers and this is just as true for me as it is anyone else.

For me, my best experiences have come from situations that have arisen and been handled by some of the smaller companies I have elected to do business with. In looking further into the reasoning behind these experiences when stacked up against some of the negative results with a few of the larger organizations I have worked with, I have observed the difference to be a very simple one: A smaller company has to value its customers at the highest possible level because if they drop focus post-sale and lose the business, they will be taking a much larger hit than a larger organization under similar circumstances. The loyalty of one customer, plain and simple, means much more to the smaller company in this scenario than it does to the larger company. Smaller expansion stage organizations, in my experience, really seem to have grasped this concept quite well. Each of the last two companies I have worked for, both backed venture capital funding, have made it a priority to place great emphasis on their customer service efforts and it has really paid off for each.

I am not advocating that all larger organizations have poor customer service departments, however, in my experience; I have noticed considerable differences between the levels of service I have received between the two. As a result, for me, not only is it refreshing to have a positive customer service experience today, but in many cases, especially when concerning a large organization, it comes as a downright shocker.

Director of Sales

Eric Winn is the Director of Sales at <a href=""></a>which specializes in providing compensation software designed to help HR teams to make informed decisions around pay. Previously, Eric was the Director of Partner Development MSP Sales Team at Intronis.