Cloud Computing Teaming up with Healthcare

November 19, 2010

Although this is nothing new, the healthcare industry is continually adopting cloud computing trends and using it to streamline and improve their ability to care for patients, manage technology and enhance the industry as a whole.

In a recent move, IBM and Aetna teamed up to help bring cloud based care to Puerto Rico and exchange health information and to effectively make better decisions in regards to patient care. In a country where less than 6% of doctors are utilizing heath information technology, this could prove to be an extremely valuable infrastructure investment. With OpenView Venture Partners most recent investment in a web based EMR solution, (Prognosis), we agree technology trends in HIT are extremely valuable for the end users.

The solution will give doctors the ability to analyze multiple patient data sources, which in turn will help to highlight gaps in care and clinical research.

The set up for the doctors is a simple SaaS (more details on SaaS here) monthly fee model — allowing them access to all healthcare IT and services without the need to make a large investment upfront for infrastructure costs. Furthermore, as the patient database grows, the doctors have the ability, through the technology, to scale the system accordingly and in real time — cloud computing at its best.

As cloud computing moves across industries, it is allowing professionals to utilize best practices in a more fluid environment. Giving doctors in Puerto Rico more insight into how to best care for their patients is an exemplary way to prove how valuable this technology really is.

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On an a bit of an unrelated note, my firm OpenView Venture Partners recently launched a website that is dedicated to expansion stage tech companies in an effort to collect and disseminate the best new ideas: Labs. Check it out and feel free to provide any feedback or contributions.


Peter Zotto is the GM at <a href="">Price Intelligently</a>. Previously he was an analyst at OpenView where he helped to identify qualified investment opportunities.