Core Values and the Benefits of Having Them

Aligning people around shared core values is the first step any business must take.

It serves as a framework for every facet of the business, from the beginning. Thereafter, it’s important to maintain and adhere to these values.

Core values dictate what a company’s best course for growth is. It’s not about a single employee. It’s about the greater gestalt good of the company. Performance and values are going to be forever linked. If a company strays from its values, they’re leaving their foundation. Talented employees are drawn to a company with an identity that’s been carved by core values. It shows that a company is structurally sound. The same is true for customers.

The best companies; Starbucks, Apple, Porsche, all have pronounced core values and follow them without deviation (for the most part). And, as evidenced by these companies’ performances over the years, they have reaped the rewards of maintaining core values.

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