5 Great Examples of Customer-Centric Marketing Mission Statements

All of the articles I’ve written during the past few weeks focus on helping companies plan, prepare and deploy successful relationship marketing programs. Companies that are serious about relationship marketing know that it takes a true commitment to their customers  to sustain it for the long run.
In order to make this point, I thought it would helpful to look at a few marketing mission statements of different companies in order to see how much emphasis they publicly place on their customers. I realize that many mission statements are filled with nothing more than platitudes. However, if done, right, they can shape operations and goals.
Regardless of the technology, channels or model they use, a customer-centric organization starts with one, overriding mission — to put the customer first. Here is a list of companies whose missions statements explicitly reference the importance of their customers.

5 Customer-Centric Marketing Mission Statement Examples


“Our business idea is based on a partnership with the customer.”

2. WholeFoods

“Our customers are the most important stakeholder in our business.”

3. Intel

“Delight our customers, employees, and shareholders by relentlessly delivering the platform and technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live.”

4) Microsoft

“…We consider our mission statement a promise to our customers.”

5) Intuit

“We put customers at the heart of everything we do.”

Setting a Guiding Principle of Customer Centricity

This level of customer centricity can go a very long way to understanding your customer and how to improve their experience around their entire customer journey. As we see more and more organizations adopt personalization and deeper customer analysis, marketing is placed at the forefront of delivery of these messages and experiences. Having a guiding principle of customer centricity will go along way to improving customer engagement and sales.
Do you think marketing mission statements are worthwhile? Does your organization have a mission statement that focuses on the customer?

Luis Fernandes
Luis Fernandes
Senior Manager of eBusiness

Luis Fernandesis a strategic marketing leader with over 12 years of experience building data-driven demand generation, corporate positioning, digital marketing and loyalty strategies, improving customer experiences and driving revenue. He is currently Senior Manager of e-Business at Philips Healthcare.
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