Designers vs. Product Managers: Achieving Organizational Alignment

UX expert Kyrie Robinson sheds light on the pitfalls designers should be aware of when working with product managers and how to avoid them to achieve organizational alignment.

As Kyrie Robinson of Silicon Valley Product Group explains, the most important part for achieving organizational alignment on a project is defining the requirements before attempting the design.

When a new project comes up, designers will often find themselves working diligently to meet the needs of product managers. But diving into mockups too soon can end draining more time from everyone involved.
Product managers can often be prone to loose requirements at the outset of a project, which will often lead to a critique of the mockup that is actually just a fine-tuning of requirements. Watch the video to hear how to properly sequence a project so designers can begin with a clearly developed vision.

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Photo by: Nico Madrazo

Kyrie Robinson
Kyrie Robinson
VP of User Experience

Kyrie Robinson loves to create world-class user experience and product design for consumer technology products. She has developed and led several successful UX teams at leading Silicon Valley companies. In particular she is well known for her work building and leading the original UX team at TiVo. At SVPG she was a design consultant for many high profile technology companies such as Chegg Chegg, Kno, Gilt, Zinio, LeapFrog, ReadingRainbow, Meebo, MobileIron, and Workiva.
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