Developing Your Company’s Aspirations, Part 2


A vision for your company can serve as the inspirational glue that tightly binds your organization together.

In this clip, Erica Olsen, vice president of marketing for M3 Planning, demonstrates the ways to build a powerful and engrossing vision for your organization that will inspire employees and customers alike. One of the prime characteristics of company vision is an inherent eye toward the future. If your vision isn’t looking ahead, then it’s not much of a vision at all. Another important factor is that your vision needs to be visible. In other words, you need to be able to verbalize it, and other people need to be able to recognize it.

What is not considered a vision statement? If Point A is today and Point B is your ultimate goal, then your vision is the space in between. So if your vision is outside of Point A and Point B, you will be unable to connect those points.

Getting people engaged in your vision is easy. If you’ve crafted a vision that embodies all of these qualities, people will naturally buy into it.

This is the second part in a three-part series intended to help develop your company’s many aspirations. Watch the rest of the videos to get a more detailed and comprehensive understanding about reaching your organizational goals.

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