Do You Have a Roadmap for Your API?

March 30, 2010

I have long had a belief that every software/Internet product should really consider having an API as part of their product and development strategy.

I continue to be surprised by the lack of thinking in this area, both in terms of product strategy and in terms of the sophistication of the API planning process. In my view, there should be an API roadmap and ideally the User Interface of the product only can use the API (this is not a technically pure approach in some instances, but it really forces the thinking on and evolution of the API!).

Sonoa has a solid product and development roadmap whitepaper, “Is your API Naked? 10 Considerations for your API Roadmap” here. Take a look, as there are a lot of API considerations that they have listed for you to think about that could help your thinking and planning…

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