Do You Know What Your Employees Want From You?

March 19, 2010

Expansion stage managers often can become caught up in the excitement of day-to-day, and often forget to step back and ask themselves how to be a better manager. As an expansion stage venture capital firm that also offers consulting services to our management teams, we often provide coaching to talented individual who are new to management roles.

I’d encourage all managers (whether experienced or not) to read this short post from Melissa Raffoni on Harvard Business Review.From her perspective, here is what employees look for from their leaders:

  1. Tell me my role, tell me what to do, and give me the rules.
  2. Discipline my coworker who is out of line.
  3. Get me excited.
  4. Don’t forget to praise me.
  5. Don’t scare me.
  6. Impress me.
  7. Give me some autonomy.
  8. Set me up to win.

It’s a simple list for management, but one that pretty well sums it up.