You Don’t Create Your Value Proposition, You Discover It

B2B marketing expert and best-selling author Brian Carroll breaks down the keys to establishing an effective value proposition and driving more sales.

In essence, your value proposition is the answer to a simple but incredibly important question: “If I’m your ideal customer, why should I buy from you instead of your competitors?”

Therefore, it’s not really that you have to work to formulate the right value proposition and pitch it to your prospects, Carroll explains in this short video. Rather, it’s something that already exists from a customer’s perspective, and the trick is discovering it — not creating it.

To do so, Carroll recommends starting by going to the three following sources:

  1. Current customers: Why did they decide to buy from you? What value have you brought them?
  2. Your sales team(s): What’s really moving? What elements of your product/solution/service are really connecting with buyers and causing them to convert?
  3. Qualitative & quantitative data analysis: Dig into your customer data to determine whether there are any trends that emerge. For example, what keywords are driving the highest rate of conversion?

The concept of working to discover your true value proposition is an important one that can be applied in a broader way to many aspects of your marketing campaigns. Getting into the habit of asking yourself, why should this customer choose our company, this specific product, open this particular email, etc. will get you thinking from your customer’s perspective. And that will undoubtedly help you increase conversion rates and drive more sales.


Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll
Executive Director

Brian Carroll is a Marketing Keynote Speaker, Lead Generation Consultant and the executive director of revenue optimization and applied research for sales and marketing research consultancy MECLABS, and the CEO of InTouch, part of MECLABS Sciences Groups (Marketing Experiments, MarketingSherpa, and InTouch). He is also the author of the bestselling Lead Generation for the Complex Sale
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