Foreign Exchange Trading Social Network Raised $8 million in Venture Capital Financing

On February 23rd, Currensee reported in its press release that it raised $8 million for a total of $12 million Series B round of venture capital investment. The round of the venture funding was led by North Bridge Venture Partners, and a new investor, Egan Managed Capital. Currensee is the first ForEx trading social network and connects traders from over 70 different countries. According to the company’s website, the network brings trust and transparency to Forex trading by showing the participants’ actual trades and positions, trading strategies, and performance which ultimately help the traders make more informed trade decisions. The company said that it will use the expansion capital to accelerate its reach to Europe and Asia.

Konstantin Valchev
Konstantin Valchev

Konstantin is the President at OnLighten, which specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business systems strategy, implementation, integration, automation, and training. He was previously an Analyst at OpenView.
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