Why Founding a Business with Friends is a Bad Idea

November 27, 2013

Think starting a business with your friends will be fun? Think again. Triberr co-founder Daniel Cristo shares his take on what really makes the best partnerships and why it’s such a crucial decision.

Sometimes things become a cliché for a reason, like not mixing business with pleasure. That’s because combining the two doesn’t rarely leads to success in either realm. So if you’re thinking of starting a business with your close knit circle of friends, watch this video with Triberr co-founder Daniel Cristo to really consider what you’re getting into.

Inevitably, Cristo points out, you’re going to need to have some tough conversations with your co-founders. The kind that can become incredibly uncomfortable if they’re not strictly professional. If you’re unwilling or unable to have those frank discussions with your friends for any reason, your business probably won’t be the only thing to suffer. Watch the video to learn what you should really be looking for in a founding team.

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Photo by: Martijn Schornagel

Director of SEO Innovation

<strong>Dan Cristo</strong> is the founder of <a href="http://triberr.com/">Triberr</a> and Director of SEO Innovation at both <a href="http://www.catalystsearchmarketing.com/">Catalyst Online</a> and GroupM <a href="http://www.groupm.com/">GroupM</a>