Have You Reviewed Your January Progress Against Your Quarterly Goals?

February 10, 2010

The OpenView Operating Committee completed its monthly review of quarterly goals on Monday (see my prior post on the process that we recommend for all companies, particularly expansion stage companies that are trying to manage a significant amount of change).

The agenda item took 5 minutes to go through during the meeting. It was short because the updates on our initiatives had no “red” items (goals that were not going to be completed by the end of the quarter according to each person owning the goals).

Of course, the work to prepare for the meeting took more time, as each team needed to review their quarterly goals, review where each stands, consider what is left to do and the resources available to get the work done, and color code each of the goals (green if it is going to get done as planned, yellow if it is going to get done but there are some issues, and red if it is not going to get done without some outside help).

While our process yielded no real conversation or adjustments at the Operating Committee level this time, it helped to get us comfortable that we are on track for the quarter with two months left and the process helped to remind everyone in the firm about their committed focal points for the quarter.

Have You Reviewed Your January Progress Against Your Quarterly Goals?

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