Hopeful News for 2010 Hiring

January 6, 2010

An article published on CNNMoney.com last week states that 20% of employers surveyed plan on increasing the hiring of full-time employees in 2010, which is up from 14% in 2009.

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?Although we can’t be certain just yet, this anticipated increase in hiring is an encouraging sign for the year ahead for growth venture capital, expansion stage companies, and the economy at large! The article states that of the employers who plan to hire, one-third will look for talent within technology, closely followed by customer service.Slightly less than one-quarter of employers surveyed plan to add salespeople to their teams, while research/development, business development, accounting/finance and marketing positions were also well represented.

VP, Human Capital

<strong>Diana Martz</strong> is Vice President, Human Capital at<a href="http://www.ta.com/">TA Associates</a>. She was previously the Director of Talent at OpenView.