How Content Management Marketing Relates to Scientific Papers

March 22, 2010

I found David Chapin’s post that relates content management marketing to peer review publishing for scientists to be a really thoughtful piece, particularly given that at one point earlier in my career I participated in the scientific journals.

David’s major point is that if you write good content, your reputation and following will increase. I can’t disagree with this point at all.

I did disagree, however, with one point that David makes. He states that the scientific content gets published only once. In my experience, every scientific researcher is similar to every great content marketer. They look for ways to re-purpose their research and their ideas and the best scientists can get many research papers and presentations out of a single research project (perhaps we should be hiring scientists as content marketers?).

Content management marketing is influence marketing at its finest in my view. It is incredibly important to most companies’ business growth strategies, just like well documented research content, reporting, and presentations are important to most scientists’ career growth!

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