How Should Marketers Attack Social Media in 2010?

March 22, 2010

One of the top questions for marketers this year is how best to use social media to help nail marketing goals, particularly as they relate to lead generation systems, influence marketing, inbound marketing, branding, and business growth strategies. There are many practices, but there does not yet seem to be a well known set of patterns for using social media in marketing at this point.

I just ran across The Social Landscape poster developed by the 97th floor (tagline: Business is better on top!) for (97th floor, btw, seems to have an interesting expertise in using infographics for viral marketing) You can also download a PDF Version of the Social Landscape from CMO from this page.

Perhaps best practices and patterns for how best to use social media will emerge in 2010!

Note: Thanks to the Junta42 blog for pointing to this resource.

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