HR and Technology Trends in 2013: A Year in Review

December 30, 2013

HR and Technology Trends in 2013: A Year in Review

There was a spectrum of talent and technology topics I covered over the past year which included insights and strategies for enhancing talent acquisition and retention, fostering wider workplace collaboration and innovation, utilizing big data to drive productivity and sales, and making STEM and the tech sector more appealing for women.

The following are some short summaries and links to my thoughts on these trending topics.

8 HR and Technology Trends from 2013

1) How Technology is Transforming HR: Cultivating Collaborative Work Environments

This post featured some of the latest technology that is helping employees communicate more efficiently within the organization thereby improving productivity and anticipating operational issues earlier in the process. Read more.

2) Survival of the Fittest: How Technology is Increasing Workplace Competition

Management professors Serguei Netessine and Valery Yakubovich provide insights on our evolving work environments, which they term as “The Darwinian Workplace”. The authors illustrate how new technology is increasing competition amongst employees, and emerging data sets are providing companies with more information about their most productive and value-generating employees. Read more.

3) Why Some Women Are Saying No to Tech

This article features insights on why a substantial proportion of women are opting for careers outside of the tech sector, despite current levels of growth and influence of the industry on the wider economy. I provide three recommendations for helping to reverse this trend. Read more.

4) 3 Ways You Can Reduce Your Cost Per Hire (and Still Land Top Talent)

Helping companies assess creative and effective recruitment strategies can help bring down hiring costs without comprising the quality of talent being hired. Read more.

5) How HR Can Use Big Data to Drive Employee Productivity and Performance

Many companies are discovering that building a data-driven organization can offer new insights on candidate preferences and employee priorities, leading to increases in targeted hiring and improved employee retention rates. Read more.

6) Corporate Diversity: Moving Beyond the Numbers to Harness the Core Strengths of Diversity

Learn how broadening the perspective of corporate diversity to capture new value from a diverse workforce can play a pivotal role in enhancing corporate innovation and employee loyalty. Read more.

7) Mentoring in the Workplace: 3 Keys to Being a Good Mentor

In this post, I dive into mentoring — often considered to be one of the strongest drivers of employee motivation — and examine three essential factors for fostering good mentorship. Read more.

8) Using Creative Approaches to Inspire More Women in Technology

Explore a range of strategies that are currently being employed to draw more women to the tech sector, commencing from early education on STEM and coding. Read more.

Which of the above themes were particularly interesting and/or relevant to you or your organization over the past year? What types of talent and technology trends have you observed in the workplace that are significantly impacting how your organization functions?


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