Is Apple Going to Change The World Again?

April 2, 2010

I don’t think that I have seen Walt Mossberg so enthusiastic about a new product. In his review, he claims that for the past week or so he has been testing the device and he has been using his laptop 80% LESS than normal and believes that the iPad is pretty close to being a laptop killer. Of course, I was just as enthusiastic last week and I have not even touched the device yet.

I have used the iPod and then iPhone as my great examples of great design (which incorporates a real aesthetic sense and a great user experience) in product and development conversations with my portfolio companies (as have all venture capitalists I am sure)…perhaps now the “great design” baton will be handed to the iPad…

(Interestingly, Walt Mossberg points out that one of the uses of his laptop remains using it when websites use flash, which seems like a nuisance to me…either Adobe seriously pissed off Steve Jobs, Flash has technical problems that create too much technical IT support, Apple has a strategy that is not clear yet, or some combination of the above. If we just take Steve’s comments at face value, perhaps Adobe and some product and development work to do?).


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