Is doing Business with Your Company Akin to a Legal Circus?

Customers can be easily scared off by the slightest disturbances.

If you require a plethora of legal hoops to be jumped through before a customer can conduct business with your company, that may be enough to send them scattering. While having your interests legally protected is essential, an expansive and complex legal document isn’t necessary to accomplish this.

Technology trends have shown that even the industry-leading companies are moving toward simplified legal documents. The main benefits of such a changeover is increased transparency and less stress on the customer’s part. Both of these are helpful to any company’s business growth strategies.

Having a simplified legal contract doesn’t necessarily mean that your business is more vulnerable to legal claims. Many bare-bones contracts, if written correctly, can be just as effective as their lengthy counterparts. For more information on this subject, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Jeremy Aber.

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