John Wooden’s Way – The Passionate and Disciplined Teacher

June 5, 2010

ohn Wooden died yesterday at 99 years old. The IndyStar, among many publications, has a well done overview of his life.
In my mind, the most amazing thing about the man was not just his unbelievable winning record as a basketball coach. More importantly, he determined the aspirations and goals that he was attempting to accomplish and then spent his career developing, refining, and teaching a methodology that:

  • He would be able to live by and was teachable to others,
  • Focused on the things that are controllable, and
  • Resulted in a very consistent achievement of exceptional results over a long period of time.

John Wooden’s way is both unique and relatively public (both the methodology and the great results), so it is an excellent example to study and understand if you want to put some time into grasping the approaches of great leaders.

A nice video tribute to the man:

John Wooden, in his own words:

There are a lot of good books on John Wooden and his methodologies. A really great resources is the official John Wooden website, which has a tremendous amount of material on his results and his methodologies, including his famous Pyramid of Success.

The great thing about John Wooden was not his winning record on the basketball court, but rather The John Wooden Way of being a lifelong Passionate and Disciplined Teacher.

If you are a student of leadership, building great people and management teams, I highly recommend learning more about the John Wooden Way.

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