My New Favorite Book on Customer Service

January 31, 2010

I recently wrote a blog post on my preferred high level metrics for customer service. After I wrote the post, I came across the book THE BEST SERVICE IS NO SERVICE. It is packed with great approaches and assessments for helping to manage your customer service approach (all the way from principals and strategy to ideas around technical system support, organizing approaches, assessment, and measurement) in a way that helps in creating competitive advantage. It also fits nicely with our principals and other ideas regarding customer service.

I highly recommend that every company read it and I’ve already purchased 20 copies to pass out to our team and our portfolio companies. Regardless of whether you have an early stage company, an expansion stage company, or a later growth stage company, your senior management team will benefit from the ideas and approaches in the book and the book’s ideas tie really nicely into another one of my favorite books, The Ultimate Question, and its great customer measurement metric, the Net Promoter Score.

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