Meet Our Newest Talent Specialist: Rose O’Connell

September 1, 2014

First things first, I am a Massachusetts native, a diehard Pats fan, and an avid runner.

I constantly find ways to challenge myself but also strive to support those around me to the best of my capabilities. As someone who tends to get bored easily, I’ve found that recruiting is the best fit for my personality.
With that said, let me explain to you a little more about why I came to OpenView and what has me excited about this step in my career.

Let’s start at the beginning

When I graduated from Bowdoin College, I started my nine-to-five life with Triad Advertising. I was heavily involved in marketing campaigns and social media for our clients as both an intern and then as an employee. I enjoyed creating content for our clients and branding them on the web. I developed good communication skills and a strong work ethic that propelled me to make a switch in my career path.
After almost a year with Triad, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join a global recruitment firm, Michael Page International, and start the next chapter of my career as a recruiter. At Michael Page, I recruited for Procurement & Supply Chain positions across the greater Boston area. I loved the fast-paced nature of the job and the idea that I was looking for candidates who my clients couldn’t find. I enjoyed building my clients’ procurement organizations and providing market insight to many people on a daily basis. It was also there that I learned how to consult with both clients and candidates, how to multi-task, and how important it is to personalize your experience with each person you connect with.

The OpenView appeal

I regularly encourage my candidates to network and speak with their peers in different industries as a way of exploring new potential opportunities. In taking my own advice, I connected with Diana Martz, the Director of Talent here at OpenView, to learn more about the firm itself, the SaaS companies in the portfolio, and the role recruitment plays in the growth of everyone involved. I was impressed with the dual-focus on helping the portfolio companies scale their teams as well as educating them on how to secure the best talent for their business. I had a strong connection to Diana’s vision for the Talent team and was excited for the opportunity not only to support OpenView and the portfolio companies, but also to blog about recruitment trends and my experiences in this space.
I feel quite strongly that I have come to a place where I will not only sharpen my skillset in recruitment and talent acquisition, but will also constantly be challenged to think creatively about the impact one team member can have on the growth of an entire organization.
With a few searches and, now, my first blog post underway, I feel positive about the future and the exciting projects in which I will be involved.

Get in Touch

Feel free to connect with me directly at [email protected] for more info about OpenView, our exciting portfolio companies, and tech recruiting in general!
Image courtesy of Jason Taellious

Technical Recruiter

<strong>Rose O'Connell</strong> is a technical recruiter at <a href="">AthenaHealth</a>. She was previously a Talent Specialist with OpenView.