OpenView Office Remodeling Lesson #3: Prioritize Easy Ways to Reduce Costs

March 1, 2013

The third post in this three-part series (Parts I and II here) of office remodeling tips looks at the easiest ways to manage costs and maximize value when you’re going through an office remodel.

Office remodeling tips: 3 easy ways to reduce costs

A good office remodel doesn’t come cheap, and it probably shouldn’t. Office design can affect an employee’s mood and health, and it can physically convey your company’s culture and values — not exactly areas to skimp on. When a remodel is in progress, cheap shouldn’t be the first word that comes to mind: value should be. The goal of an effective remodel project should be improving design while managing costs.
When OpenView went through its recent office remodel, Erin McDonald led the charge in prioritizing ways to reduce costs and maintain quality. She ended the project with three easy office remodeling tips for improving your workspace without breaking the bank:

1. Focus on the Paint

This is the least expensive but most effective starting point for transforming any office space. Color plays an important role in mood and productivity and should be carefully considered, plus its placement and contrast can immediately make a space feel more open and welcoming. Look to your company’s logo, website, and branding materials for inspiration, and do your research (Google is a wonderful thing).
At OpenView Labs and Expansion Lab, Erin chose various shades of purple and green to match our branding and create an energizing space. She asked for opinions from employees and design professionals before settling on the colors and hiring painters.

Office Remodel Vendors2. Be Smart About Your Vendors

You don’t need to go to expensive vendors to get the highest quality. While nothing can replace a seasoned expert, if you’re working with a tight budget there are resources you can utilize to reduce the expense of hiring consultants and labor professionals.
First, tap into your current vendor’s knowledge — your painters may give you some good advice regarding color choices, and your electricians may know common lighting trends. It never hurts to ask, and experts are usually happy to share what they know.
Next, look to nearby design schools for students learning about interior design and eager to gain experience. Most schools have career offices that will gladly share opportunities with students looking to expand their portfolio. Engaging design consultants this way can benefit both parties — the student gets experience and the company saves money. A word of caution: you get what you pay for. Don’t hire someone just because they’ll accept a low offer. Make sure your goals and vision align.

Office remodeling tips: 3 easy ways to reduce costs3. No Need to Buy Brand New

While most of OpenView’s furniture pieces were new, that doesn’t mean they were all delivered to the office neatly packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard. Erin was able to purchase some used or refurbished pieces from showrooms at a reduced cost, which is a great option to ask furniture dealers about.
Many sellers offer gently-used office furniture, and frequently checking sites like Craigslist can result in great finds from companies and individuals getting rid of old office furniture. No need to spend thousands of dollars for that ergonomic desk chair.

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for saving money without sacrificing quality during an office remodel. What would you add to the list?

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