On the Topic of Emotional Design in Today’s World

July 28, 2010

Emotional design intrinsically piques the interest of many people.

Appealing to the emotions is something that can be very rewarding to a product, depending on which emotion it connects with. If a product is fun, it’s likely to have a broad appeal. If it isn’t, the opposite effect happens.

In design, the visceral touch can be everything. The experience, then, hinges upon the visual. Bright colors are attractive to people, subconsciously. Consider this during the design phase. We are repelled by bitter tastes, conversely. Would you create a product that doesn’t factor this in?

These points, of course, are the basics. But having a firm grasp on them is fundamental when it comes to emotional design. Being able to harness this knowledge and deploy it for the purpose of achieving a positive emotional connection is what emotional design is all about.