OpenView Leads $15 Million Investment in Auvik to Power Network Monitoring

August 10, 2017

Today we are thrilled to announce OpenView’s CAD$15 million Series B investment in Auvik, a provider of network infrastructure monitoring and management software for managed service providers. Auvik brings together an all-star team, led by CEO and founder Marc Morin, with exceptional technology built to give MSPs visibility into their clients’ networks like never before.

Anyone who works in an office setting has experienced the pains caused by network disruptions, slowdowns and outages. And these pains are only multiplied when you reach out to your outsourced IT provider hoping for a fast resolution, but they fail to deliver. Typically, the MSP will log into the existing remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution only to confirm what their client already knows — the network isn’t performing. The next course of action is to send an experienced (read expensive) technician onsite to blindly troubleshoot the network, manually checking every node along the way.

This lengthy process is burdensome and costly for all parties involved. The client faces productivity disruptions and the MSP loses hours of valuable technician time that can be billed elsewhere. At best, the MSP finds the problem after a few hours, at worst, the MSP loses the client entirely for failing to live up to their service agreement.

Remote monitoring and management isn’t a new concept. It was initially commercialized in the early aughts and the feature-set has barely evolved since. Sure, the deployment model has started to transition to the cloud, but the majority of RMM providers selling to MSPs still focus on servers and workstations, while dismissing the network entirely. As companies of all sizes continue to push to the cloud and the consumerization of IT brings more connected devices into the workplace, the health of the network becomes critical, while the need for server-level RMM takes a back seat.

Auvik begins where legacy providers leave off. They offer MSPs constant visibility into devices running the network such as the firewall, switches, routers and access points. Within 15 minutes of installation, Auvik maps out a client’s entire network infrastructure to understand how each device is related and for which components the MSP should be charging. MSPs are notified of network issues and changes before they impact the network, and if a client’s network does go down, the MSP will use Auvik to remotely pinpoint the root cause of the network disruption and remediate the issue (often through Auvik) within minutes instead of hours or days. The resulting outcome for MSPs is clear and powerful: increased client uptime and no more blind troubleshooting all leading to more business and happier clients. In fact, MSPs that use Auvik leverage the product as a competitive advantage to win new business. New clients find comfort in knowing their network is not only actively monitored, but backed up daily to mitigate disaster risk.

In short, Auvik provides the ability to finally deliver on the decade-old promise of providing clients with true network management — something most MSPs package in as part of their service bundle, but lack the tools and mechanisms to deliver on.

While the Auvik team acknowledges that traditional RMMs aren’t going away anytime soon, the functionality has largely been commoditized. In a perfect world, MSPs not only have visibility into both network infrastructure and workstations, but a sense of how the two interact. That’s why Auvik offers their own basic RMM for free, and has also built out robust integrations with existing RMM and PSA incumbents like ConnectWise, Continuum and Autotask.

It’s incredibly rewarding to partner with companies that are helping to define the next era of an industry. It’s even better when those companies are led by visionary technologists and entrepreneurs like Auvik co-founders Marc Morin, David Yach and Alex Hoff. We’re honored to partner with the team at Auvik on this journey. Welcome to the OpenView family!

Vice President

<strong>Arsham Memarzadeh</strong> is a Vice President on OpenView's investment team. He previously worked as a Research Analyst also at OpenView. Prior to OpenView, Arsham helped advise companies on M&A transactions as an investment banking summer analyst with Lincoln International.