OpenView Leads $20M Series B in Axonius to Automate Asset Discovery and Security Policy Enforcement

August 27, 2019

We are excited to welcome Axonius to the OpenView family as we lead their $20M Series B. Axonius is an agentless cybersecurity asset management platform that allows enterprises to identify all of the assets, both known and unknown, on their network and instantly remediate any gaps in security coverage.

The asset management challenge

It might seem intuitive, but in security, it’s critical to know about every asset that’s connected to your network and to have the ability to enforce your security policies on those endpoints. You can’t lock a door that you don’t know exists, and a single unprotected entrance into your network represents a gateway for intruders to attack. Given this is the case, why can’t CISOs say with confidence how many endpoints are on their networks? How is it that they don’t know if there are unprotected openings into their environments? And why is it that 16% to 25% of their network devices are missing a security solution that their company is already paying for?

The answer is simple: it’s really hard and time consuming to account for every endpoint that’s on your network. If you were to try and find a total asset count, ActiveDirectory might give you one number, CrowdStrike another and Okta yet another. Then there are all of your cloud resources. How do you ensure that every EC2 and container is following all of your security protocols when they’re literally spinning in and out of existence every second?

You could try to collect all of the data yourself from your various applications, manually delete the duplicate assets, track down the endpoints that were out of compliance with your security policies and remediate all of the issues — but all of your hard work would be out of date the moment a new endpoint connected to your network that was out of compliance. And the only way you would discover it is if you repeated the same painstaking process you just performed. What you really need is a way to automate all of these manual processes so that you could perform this type of data aggregation, analysis and remediation in real-time.

Here’s how Axonius CEO and Co-Founder Dean Sysman explains the problem:

The Asset Management Problem from Axonius on Vimeo.

How Axonius solves the problem

Axonius takes an agentless approach to solving the problem, leveraging a library of over 130 adapters to connect to your existing applications, such as Datadog, Splunk, Rapid7, CrowdStrike and Tenable. The modules serve as the information collection engine for Axonius’ powerful data correlation platform. Axonius allows you to pull in large amounts of disparate data, eliminate duplicate endpoints and quickly remediate any security coverage gaps. Axonius is able to do this continuously and in real-time, removing the burden of trying to do this analysis manually on a monthly or quarterly basis. The result is an accurate picture of all of your endpoints that you can feel confident in, and ultimately, a more secure network. Or, as current Axonius customer Landmark Health puts it:

Since we’re able to move from a 3-month audit window to an automated, daily audit, we can immediately track improvement and move much faster to take action. The time saved on the manual audit itself is valuable, and I can conservatively say that we’re 70% better off than we were before now that we have Axonius. — Jeffrey Gardner, Director of Information Security, Landmark Health

The problem that Axonius is solving for security teams cannot be overstated. Knowing exactly what’s on your network is a foundational concept in cybersecurity. It’s part of the reason why Axonius is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, and why no customer has ever churned from the platform. The other, far more important reason, is the team behind the product that’s transformed Axonius from an idea into a mission-critical application relied upon by some of the world’s largest companies. Led by Dean Sysman, Ofri Shur and Avidor Bartov, Axonius has built a world-class organization both in Israel and the US, and they’re hiring across departments. If you’re interested in learning more, please click here.

We’re honored to partner with Dean, Ofri, Avidor and the rest of the team on their journey to define the cybersecurity asset management category, and we’re excited to work with our friends at YL Ventures and Bessemer to help them do so.