Other barriers to virtualization

March 22, 2010

Last week, I blogged about the ever present security concerns around server virtualization.

Earlier this week, I read this article in Network World about lack of IT skills required to manage a more complex virtual environment as yet another barrier to adoption.

The OpenView Venture Partners team, while at Insight Venture Partners, made a venture capital investment of growth equity into PlateSpin, at the time an expansion stage software company and later acquired by Novell, based on the very premise that IT personnel needed automation tools to make the transition to and management of virtualized environments easier.

Plenty of other vendors are out there to help with this issue as well, including Hyperic and PhD Virtual.

So the existence of this barrier to virtualization on such a large scale either suggests that people haven’t discovered these tools yet and there is low market penetration, or that there are not enough truly good tools out there today.

Time will tell. 

Senior Director Project Management

Igor Altman is Senior Director of Product Management at <a href="https://www.mdsol.com/en/">Medidata Solutions</a>, a leading global provider of cloud-based clinical development solutions that enhance the efficiency of customers’ clinical trials. Prior to Medidata, he worked at OpenView focusing on new investments in the IT space.