OV’s Tales from the Table Series: PR & Communications

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with PR & Communications leaders from companies in the Bay area. Over a great meal (and wine!), we got to talking about their experiences and stories as it relates to the industry and voilà, “Tales from the Table” was born.

We’re in an era where technology is getting more and more competitive and companies are having to spend more to outmaneuver their peers and build their brand. In this increasingly competitive market, public relations can play an important role in an organization’s growth trajectory. But, if you’re an early stage company, where do you start? How do you hire? What should you know?

Well, go grab a glass of wine (or drink of your choosing) and find out! Here are the insights and takeaways from dinner, that can be useful for companies building out their PR strategies.

It’ll be like you were there (almost!).

If you’re interested in hosting our next “Tales from the Table” series (and having dinner on OpenView!), reach out to Casey Renner at casey@ov.vc. 

Executive Network Director
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