Pluralsight to Acquire OpenView Backed GitPrime

May 21, 2019

Pluralsight announced their upcoming acquisition of GitPrime, an OpenView portfolio company, to merge developer productivity capabilities into their leading technology skills development platform

Engineers build business. While those of us in tech have known this for decades, more software engineers are now hired outside of tech than in it. As software engineering matures into one of the most important disciplines in every business, continuing to invest in the capabilities of software teams and measuring the impact of those investments is moving from something only the best engineering managers do to simply best practice. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited for GitPrime to join forces with Pluralsight, creating the only platform that combines best practices in engineering management with developer skills to uplevel engineering team performance.

It’s been just over a year since OpenView led GitPrime’s $10.5m Series A, and it’s been incredible to see the company become the leading provider of engineering productivity analytics in such a short period of time. Initially we were in awe with world-class enterprises like Disney, Cigna, and Mattel leveraging GitPrime to accelerate their digital transformation, and have been blown away by top engineering cultures like Atlassian and PayPal, along with leading software companies like Adobe, Splunk, and VMware, who now all use GitPrime to release products faster and with more transparency than ever before. Just as CRM helped sales teams quantify their productivity through transparency and measurability, GitPrime is supercharging the practice of software engineering using the same principles.

GitPrime Co-founders from left to right: Ben Thompson (CMO), Travis Kimmel (CEO)

At OpenView we believe category defining businesses can be built anywhere, and we knew GitPrime’s Co-founders Travis Kimmel and Ben Thompson were onto something special when we first met them in Durango, CO. OpenView’s investment in GitPrime remains the largest Series A in a town of less than 25,000 people, and we chose to partner with Travis and Ben because we believe that GitPrime has the potential to be a pillar on which the practice of software engineering stands. That has never been more true than today. It has been an honor to work with Travis, Ben, and the entire GitPrime team, and we couldn’t be more excited to see them now accelerate their journey as part of Pluralsight.


Mackey is a Partner at OpenView focusing on enterprise infrastructure and data driven application software.