Random Thoughts…

October 29, 2009

1.Current weather in Boston is dismal, murky dismal to be exact (Rainbow Brite plug). New England weather is tricky. For the days of the year when it’s nice out, this is the best place to live. But for the 6-7 months of winter we go through…forget it. I’m pulling for an OpenView office in the valley. That way we can be close to all those expansion stage companies out there looking for growth capital.

2.The NBA season kicked off last night and the Celtics beat out Cleveland at the Q. Not sure I’d bet against the King his Cavs this year, but the C’s looked pretty good. I feel pretty bad for Los Angeles Clippers fans, they get a phenom for their draft pick and on the eve of his first NBA game, he blows out his knee cap. The humanity. I just added Google Calendar’s sports calendar which imports the entire Celtics schedule on my calendar, thanks Google.

3.Swine Flu. Scary stuff, but does the media cause us to overreact? I’ve never seen so many people at my gym wipe down equipment with disinfectant wipes and taking hand sanitizer baths. I guess if I could invest in Purell I would (do they need growth capital?), but this stuff has over 62% alcohol (ethanol) which makes it highly flammable and deadly if misused.

4. DJ Hero, www.djhero.com. So I have yet to officially purchase, but the money in my pocket has burned through my pants like napalm. What’s awesome about this game is the realism and functionality in the turntable. Activision has struggled as of late and I hope this game gets them back on the right track. Imagine what they could do if they capitalized with advertisers to import ads to the masses of people that will spend days, weeks, months sitting in front of their TVs with this thing.

5. Twitter. I’m a tweeter, I think. Not really active because I am having a hard time figuring out what I want to tweet about so I’m a really limited account at this point. Part of me doesn’t get the appeal at all, who cares that someone is eating a doughnut, or that you were just at the gym “sweatin it up”. But there is a ton of value in the millions upon millions of subscribers and I guess with the amount of venture capital dollars they have raised someone thinks it’s a good bet. That being said, where does Twitter go from here? What is their competitive position to facebook? Or maybe the more pertinent question is…where does society go from here? With so many young people focused on proving that they were at X, doing Y and broadcasting that to the world who is going to have time to enjoy the moment.


Peter Zotto is the GM at <a href="http://www.priceintelligently.com">Price Intelligently</a>. Previously he was an analyst at OpenView where he helped to identify qualified investment opportunities.