Recruitment Marketing: The “Can’t Miss” Piece of Your Recruitment Strategy

September 25, 2015

Picture this: it’s the start of a new quarter and you sit down with your team to decipher goals and objectives for the next few months. The usual ideas get tossed out there — hire more people, improve the interview process, streamline onboarding procedures. While all of these things are certainly important for your startup to scale seamlessly, there’s another off-the-radar tactic your team can’t afford to overlook: recruitment marketing.

As a startup, one of the most important aspects of your success is defining your talent brand and marketing it to passive and active candidates. Building out a recruitment marketing strategy does not need to be intimidating or cumbersome. As your startup grows and your talent brand continues to redefine itself, your recruitment marketing strategy will surely evolve.

But, before diving head in and launching your strategy, you first need to establish the following:

Partner with Marketing

Your talent brand and recruitment marketing initiatives will only go so far without buy-in from the marketing team. Be sure to get marketing on your side early and seek out and incorporate their recommendations. With marketing firmly on your side, you’ll be able to establish social media and email marketing campaigns for your candidate pool — two crucial aspects to building a recruitment marketing strategy.

Set up your Glassdoor Page

For better or worse, more candidates are heading to Glassdoor first to learn about a company they’re interested in. So, you need to be sure you have content there that will make your organization attractive to visitors. Wow them with corporate culture videos, ‘day in the life of’ testimonials and other creative ideas.

Determine your Talent Personas

Understanding who your target audience is will be critical as you start to recruit like a marketer. Think about who you want to fill the top of your funnel and how to best target those people. More importantly, determining and executing on how your target audience wants to be communicated with will pay dividends when it comes to achieving your hiring goals.

Leverage your ATS

Most applicant tracking systems (ATS) have a recruitment marketing function. Be sure to use your ATS when connecting with candidates who are potentially already interested in your company. Doing so will keep the candidate tracking process streamlined and organized.

Recruiting top talent is a must, but it’s getting harder and harder to fill your funnel. With these tactics, you’ll be able to get your recruitment marketing strategy off the ground and start recruiting like a marketer.

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Technical Recruiter

<strong>Rose O'Connell</strong> is a technical recruiter at <a href="">AthenaHealth</a>. She was previously a Talent Specialist with OpenView.