OpenView Invests in Scalr, the Cloud Management Platform Leader

Today, we are very excited to welcome Scalr, the leading enterprise cloud management platform, to the OpenView family, after leading the company’s $7.35 million Series A. New funding will be used to expand Scalr’s national sales presence and further accelerate their leadership of the cloud management space.

Enterprise cloud usage is moving out of shadow IT into the office of the CIO, and IT departments are faced with the increasingly complex challenge of enforcing governance and security policies while also allowing their DevOps teams to take full advantage of the flexibility the cloud provides. The complexity is only compounded as companies create hybrid-cloud environments that leverage multiple platforms like Amazon Web Services and OpenStack.

Enter Scalr, a vendor of hybrid-cloud management software, that enables enterprises and service providers to control multiple public and private clouds. Scalr’s Cloud Management Platform allows developers to be more productive when building and managing multi-cloud applications and IT organization’s to simultaneously retain governance and cost control over these deployments. Scalr satisfies both the developers who don’t want to be slowed down by “corporate red tape” and central IT who has a mandate to maintain governance without hindering innovation. Organizations like Expedia, Samsung, Accenture and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory leverage Scalr to manage their cloud environments.

We are in the early innings of a generational transition in enterprise IT to the cloud, and as a result, the multibillion-dollar monitoring and management stack needs to be rewritten. Scalr is positioned to be one of the pillars of this new ecosystem and we could not be more excited to welcome Scalr, Sebastian, and the entire team to the OpenView family.

You can learn more about today’s exciting news here.


Mackey is a Partner at OpenView focusing on enterprise infrastructure and data driven application software.
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