Scheduling issues?

As an analyst for OpenView, I spend a lot of time looking at my calendar and trying to pin down times to chat with management teams about their business, OpenView’s model and evaluating potential growth capital financing

Between the frustrations syncing time zones and the repeated back and forth emails in regards to what time works best for both parties, I must spend 3 hours a week on this alone.

Recently I’ve been speaking with a lot of time saving scheduling software companies. One in particular pops out as being a leader in a very competitive market place: Tungle.

From their own site: eliminates costly double bookings, frustrating time zone mishaps and the endless back and forth of finding a time to meet.

It makes it quick and easy to schedule meetings, and it works hand-in-hand with your calendar: Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes (Notes currently in closed beta. Email us to get the beta version)

Tungle makes it easy to see what availability I have and takes care of the time zone issues automatically.

you can Tungle me at

Also, my co-worked wrote about similar issues in her recent blog you should check it out at:

It’s all about using your iPhone to help your meetings while traveling.

Peter Zotto
Peter Zotto

Peter Zotto is the GM at Price Intelligently. Previously he was an analyst at OpenView where he helped to identify qualified investment opportunities.
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