Hire More “A” Players with a Scorecard Methodology

How do you make sure you’re hiring the very best candidates? Monetate’s Ben Russell shares a unique hiring strategy he calls the “Scorecard Methodology.”

Hiring can make or break your organization. While “A” players will drive you to success, mis-hires will only waste valuable time and resources. That means when it comes to the interviewing process, you need to make sure you get it right.
Ben Russell, VP of People at website and marketing optimization company Monetate uses a unique hiring strategy he calls the “Scorecard Methodology.” To learn how the strategy helps his team separate the very best candidates from the rest, watch the video below.

Interviewing Tactic: The Scorecard Methodology

Key Takeaways

The Scorecard

Before he even starts recruiting, Russell says he creates a scorecard. What goes on the scorecard?: The candidate’s personal mission and specific goals they will be responsible for.  

The Importance of Defined Goals

“To build a great behavioral interviewing models,” Russell explains, “You’ve got to understand what this person is going to be responsible and accountable for.” Defining your candidate’s goals will help you ask the right questions in the interviewing process.

Divide Up the Goals in the Interviewing Process

If you have multiple people interviewing a candidate, divvy up your defined goals. Then, build your interviewing plan around that. This will help you identify “A” players when you debrief with your team.

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Photo by: Jacob Botter

Ben Russell
Ben Russell
VP of People

Ben is transformational business leader with thirteen+ years of experience developing and driving human resources strategies that fuel rapid growth, organizational health and business results. He is an Independent Consultant and was previously the Vice President at Monetate.
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