Searching for Investments in the Heat of the Summer

Entering the hot summer months, venture capital firms seeking good ideas for acquiring venture funding are facing a summer slowdown. The AVC blog suggested that venture capital investors can actually turn this challenge into an opportunity. Indeed, the summer months do pose problems for the communication between VC partners and business owners as most of them take their vacations during this time interval. However, putting some extra effort to coordinate meetings around people’s vacation days could give a VC the upper hand on a great investment opportunity.

Check out The AVC blog for more on agile development methods and business growth strategies amid the summer slowdown.

Konstantin Valchev
Konstantin Valchev

Konstantin is the President at OnLighten, which specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business systems strategy, implementation, integration, automation, and training. He was previously an Analyst at OpenView.
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