Slick Infographic Tools

April 30, 2011

I came across Fast Company’s article on the 5 best free Tools for Making Slick Infographics this morning. I played around with the tools and here is what I came up with:


I started with Wordle and punched in the RSS feed for my blog to see what words I use most often and then to see if I could make an interesting image out of it. Wordle is a really, really fun tool to play around with and you can create some interesting graphics…here is an information graphic of the words that I use on my blog…

Many Eyes

Then I tried Many Eyes. This is a much more sophisticated platform that looked like it required too much thinking for me, so I copied a visualization that someone else did in an interactive mode so that you could play with it yourself:

Google Public Data Explorer

Then I tried the Google Public Data Explorer. Again it is a pretty sophisticated tool with a lot of data already available to play around with and the ability to take a look at you own datasets. Here is a screenshot:

Huhli and

Finally, I tried Huhli, which wasn’t intuitive enough for me and then took a look at, which looks promising but isn’t yet available. I signed up for their e-mail and took a look at their video (below) which seems to promise a lot…if it is half as good as the video seems to promise, it will be a great tool.


My net of all this playing around is that there are some really helpful tools being developed for people to communicate visually and I look forward to seeing what people do with them. I particularly liked the simplicity and power of Wordle and the promise of, but Many Eyes and Google Public Information Explorer seem like pretty solid analytic tools and seem to offer a lot of value.

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