Social Networking – Risk & Reward

September 24, 2009

We currently live in a world where social networking has evolved from a mere past time into what some people will argue is an essential tool for both individuals and businesses to succeed. Few can dispute the many benefits associated with “social” sites, though many commonly overlook the risks.

It wasn’t until I joined the exciting world of global venture capital, that I realized how important social networking is – and how important it is to mind the risks involved. 

Think for just one moment, with each profile or post created you could be:

  1. Putting your identity at risk
  2. Intentionally or unintentionally discussing your whereabouts
  3. Associating yourself with the wrong crowd
  4. Risking acceptance into a school or program
  5. Damaging your career, or potential career

So regardless of whether or not you are associated with a venture capital fund, it’s always important to consider the following when joining a social networking site:

  1. Once posted, it’s public
  2. People are not always who they claim to be
  3. Time spent online is time spent away from every other aspect of your life
  4. Once you open yourself or your business up to critique, you must be prepared for negative feedback
  5. Social networking tools are powerful, so do your homework and know what you’re getting into

eCommerce Manager, Saucony

Kellie is the eCommerce Manager, Saucony at <a href="">Wolverine Worldwide</a>. Previously, she was an Analyst at OpenView.