Some Useful Tips For CEOs

I found this posUseful Tips For CEOst on entitled, 8 Tips on How to Be a More Successful CEO, that I found to be very practical. It gives multiple examples of how CEOs can run their company in a more inspiring and efficient manner.

Does your product and development team know how the sales team is doing? Is your company morale suffering because half of your employees are sitting in meetings most of the day? Are you allotting enough time to your staff to become involved in all aspects of your company’s evolution and business growth strategies?

These days, a lot of management teams are continually finding more ways to integrate agile development methods into their team’s day-to-day work environment. I’d highly recommend clicking on the link above to see if any of these tips might help you grow as a CEO.

Glenn Michael
Glenn Michael

Former Research Associate at OpenView Venture Partners, Glenn Michael is now the Founder of Key of G Clothing and the Director of Operations of Studio 52.
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