Start-up Lessons from the Superbowl

I can’t help but point out that the Colts were supposed to win the Superbowl, just as is supposed to win in your product market. But results are not always what they are supposed to be, particularly in fast moving technology markets.

How did the Saints win?

They played to win. They came with the passion, drive, and enthusiasm to win. They would not have won without this, as they were competing with a GREAT team.

They came to play. They had a good gameplan and very solid execution from all of their teams; offense, defense, and special teams.

They took some calculated risks. They tried for a 4th down touchdown instead of going for the field goal. They did not get the touchdown, but they did get a three-and-out from the Colts and then got the field goal. They also started the second half with a really unexpected and successful on-side kick. They were not going to win without taking the risks, so they took some risks.

They had some luck. They had several plays that went in their direction, including their successful on-side kick and an interception late in the game that they returned for a touchdown.

I am reminded every day that good strategy and execution from good teams can win many markets away from the Goliaths during the expansion stage, and the Superbowl is another great reminder…

Scott Maxwell
Scott Maxwell
Founder & Partner

As the founder of OpenView, Scott focuses on distinctive business models and products that uniquely address a meaningful market pain point. This includes a broad interest in application and infrastructure companies, and businesses that are addressing the next generation of technology, including SaaS, cloud computing, mobile platforms, storage, networking, IT tools, and development tools.
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