Our Newest Talent Specialist: Meet Brandon DeWitt

Meet OpenView’s latest addition to the Talent Team

If I were to summarize myself into a few words I would say that I am a very outgoing and caring individual. I have a passion for adventure and love volunteering and helping out with events in the area.

What attracted me to OpenView?

The ability to work with a great variety of portfolio companies is what ultimately attracted me to OpenView. I feel that being able to work with these portfolios closely will allow all parties involved to succeed and grow within their marketplaces. I am eager to learn more about the paths various startup companies take to ultimately reach the pinnacle of success.
OpenView is the definition of a true team environment and creates an atmostphere where everyone actively supports one another and pushes one another to further success.

Why recruiting?

I found a passion for recruiting during my time spent with The Ritz London in their Human Resources department. This was a captivating experience that allowed me to fully engulf myself into a new environment. I then transitioned into working as a contract recruiter for CVS Caremark through SevenStep RPO. This experience presented the opportunity to recruit for a great variety of positions across the nation within a Fortune 13 company.
I find career progression fascinating and the ability to assist someone in taking the next step in his or her career is extremely fulfilling. One of the most pivotal aspects in recruiting is relationship building with both the hiring leaders and candidates. I feel that these relationships are critical to ensure that each party is dedicated to going after the right fit. Finding the right fit will ensure that the candidate has a happy, successful, and tenured career with the company, which will ultimately lead to further success for the company as a whole. I am eager to connect candidates to the wonderful opportunities that we have available within our successful portfolio companies.

What will this blog cover?

Throughout my blog posts, I want to cover tips and tricks for individuals to focus on and implement throughout their job searches. This will range from the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, timing for following up, resume formatting, and more.
I hope to provide a few pieces of strategy and advice that will allow you to reach the next stage of the interviewing process. Ultimately, I want individuals to be able to highlight career opportunities that will be their “perfect fit” and allow the individual to go after the opportunity with full dedication.
If there are any topics that you would like me to cover, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Anything else?

I have a love for travel, which derives from my time spent studying abroad in London. For full disclosure, my time spent studying abroad was my first time leaving the country and it was amazing. I loved having the ability to see different parts of the world and seeing iconic landmarks across Europe. I plan to continue my traveling and hope to see Australia, Portugal, and Greece soon.
Another passion of mine is enjoying the warm weather and taking full advantage of how great of a walking city Boston is. I love finding new areas to explore throughout the city.

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