Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Social Media

December 26, 2013

Put yourself in a prime position to make a big impact in 2014 by staying ahead of upcoming trends and anticipating what the future of social media holds.

You don’t need a time machine or a top-notch psychic to predict the future of social media. After all, we’re not talking about flying cars here. No, to set your business up for success, you just need to anticipate trends on the horizon in the next 12-18 months. Daniel Cristo, co-founder of Triberr, explains where you should be looking to get ahead.

If you’re staying abreast of patents, industry announcements and especially developing technology, you’re on the right track, says Cristo. To illustrate his point, he explains why mobile, faster broadband, wearable computers, and personal filtering are especially important developments you should be thinking about as you develop your products.

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Photo by Daniel Foster

Director of SEO Innovation

<strong>Dan Cristo</strong> is the founder of <a href="">Triberr</a> and Director of SEO Innovation at both <a href="">Catalyst Online</a> and GroupM <a href="">GroupM</a>