The Best Routes to Market for International Expansion

Discover three effective routes to market and how to properly take advantage of them during international expansion.

When opening up to international expansion, the biggest dangers you’ll face are not adequately doing your homework or engaging with your new market. Dave Brock of Partners in EXCELLENCE explains that it is crucial to understand your routes to market in any new countries and the differences in how your new customers will engage with them when compared to your home country.
Whether distributing through partners, establishing a direct channel, or leveraging e-channels, routes to market will not operate in the ways you are accustomed to, so Brock stresses that being fully engaged with your expansion is essential. Learn how to properly prepare for international expansion and why it’s often a good idea to have a senior manager relocate to your new markets.
Watch the other videos in OpenView’s series on International Expansion featuring Dave Brock:
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Dave Brock
Dave Brock

Dave Brock helps sales and business professionals achieve extraordinary goals through his consulting and services company Partners In EXCELLENCE. Dave is also an Advisory Board Member for DecisionLink.
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