The challenges of work/life balance

As a Growth Venture Capital fund, we need to constantly remind ourselves about the importance of work/life balance.

One thing I have realized over the years is that it is hard to distinguish between work and non work time. The two blend together so much nowadays that it’s hard to feel like you’re “on vacation” unless you go away for an extended period of time or just disconnect from society.

As venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, we need to be constantly reminding that it’s “ok” to disconnect when you’re on vacation. That means no email, mobile devices, or conference calls to remind us of work. This does not mean that you lack passion for the business, rather there are other things in life that you should be equally passionate about. All too often, we get caught up into thinking that just because others find it acceptable to work while on vacation, that somehow, we feel inadequate for taking time off.

At OpenView Venture Partners, we encourage our team to completely unplug from work and take the required downtime that is needed to recharge and come back as more productive and innovative individuals. Having the right work/balance is essential to people feeling good about their accomplishments and having time to reflect and celebrate.

Mark Barry
Mark Barry
Key Account Director

Marc Barry is an experienced sales leader in the Enterprise Technology Industry including Software, Cloud and Consulting. Currently, he is the Key Account Director at Oracle. He was previously a Venture Partner at OpenView.
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